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Welcome to Dive Gear Reviews, a comprehensive guide to scuba diving equipment. Scuba diving is an expensive pursuit, so looking up reviews for a particular article of equipment is a wise precaution before investing any hard-earned money in it. However, consumer reviews may or may not be written by an experienced diver, and magazine reviews could be suspect due to the advertising ties of the publication in question. Dive Gear Reviews provides cross-referenced reviews assembled by an expert, making it possible to see at a glance what multiple sources said about a particular piece of scuba equipment. If one magazine loved a scuba regulator or a dive computer, but the consumers hated it, that information will be found here.

Spyderco Mariner Salt Dive Knife Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Spyderco Mariner Salt Dive Knife Review Posted in: Between $101-$250, Dive Knives

Some divers like to announce their pastime through their everyday items. T-shirts are the most obvious, while dive watches are a discrete anachronism that combine style with backup practicality. The Spyderco Mariner Salt is a dive knife that allows a diver to achieve the same sort of identification through their tools. This dive knife is a folding knife made to endure saltwater exposure, but as it is a folding knife, it neatly doubles as a buck knife for carpenters, campers, and just about anyone else who needs to carry a compact knife around with them on a daily basis.

The blade is made from H-1 stainless steel, which uses nitrogen instead of carbon in the steel matrix, creating a nice balance between hardness and corrosion resistance. Scuba Diving magazine wrote of the Mariner Salt that after “a week of repeated dunkings in saltwater without a rinse, the Mariner Salt looked as good as new.” The serrated blade measures 3 ½ inches, and folded the entire package is 4 ¼ inches. Rounding out the package, the knife opens and closes easily with only one hand.

Scuba Diving magazine labeled it the best knife for traveling divers, and this website labels it as the best knife for a serious diver who wants a high quality tool that can be used both underwater and topside. The one caveat is that it is expensive, so divers should beware of clipping it on their gear the same way they might clip it onto their belts. A diver who loses this knife in a cloud of silt will surely kick themselves over it for months.

Average Cost: $210
*Editor’s Mention in Cross-Referenced Reviews