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Welcome to Dive Gear Reviews, a comprehensive guide to scuba diving equipment. Scuba diving is an expensive pursuit, so looking up reviews for a particular article of equipment is a wise precaution before investing any hard-earned money in it. However, consumer reviews may or may not be written by an experienced diver, and magazine reviews could be suspect due to the advertising ties of the publication in question. Dive Gear Reviews provides cross-referenced reviews assembled by an expert, making it possible to see at a glance what multiple sources said about a particular piece of scuba equipment. If one magazine loved a scuba regulator or a dive computer, but the consumers hated it, that information will be found here.

XS Scuba Fogcutter Delta Dive Knife Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on XS Scuba Fogcutter Delta Dive Knife Review Posted in: Below $100, Dive Knives

This knife is something of a two-in-one tool, as it serves as both a regular knife and as a pair of clippers. As a knife, the six-inch 420 stainless steel blade (the hardest stainless steel available) has a conventional blade edge on one side and a serrated edge on the other. After undoing the clasp that holds the handle together, however, the two halves of the blade and the handle divide and become a pair of clippers so handy that they can be operated with one hand. The blade is treated with chromate, for additional rust resistance. There are some potential snags, however. While the clasp is easy to manipulate even wearing thick neoprene gloves, if it becomes damaged it will prove difficult to replace or repair at home. Despite this, Scuba Diving awarded it “Most Distinctive Design” in 2008, and labeled it a good dive knife for wreck divers.

Average Price: $80