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Welcome to Dive Gear Reviews, a comprehensive guide to scuba diving equipment. Scuba diving is an expensive pursuit, so looking up reviews for a particular article of equipment is a wise precaution before investing any hard-earned money in it. However, consumer reviews may or may not be written by an experienced diver, and magazine reviews could be suspect due to the advertising ties of the publication in question. Dive Gear Reviews provides cross-referenced reviews assembled by an expert, making it possible to see at a glance what multiple sources said about a particular piece of scuba equipment. If one magazine loved a scuba regulator or a dive computer, but the consumers hated it, that information will be found here.

Subgear Aruba Scuba Regular Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Subgear Aruba Scuba Regular Review Posted in: Between $101-$250, Scuba Regulators

Subgear is the new name of the German company Seeman Sub, re-branded after its 2007 acquisition. The company continues with Seeman Sub’s product line of quality, moderately priced dive gear, and the Aruba is Subgear’s starter scuba regulator. As such, the regulator had adequate performance on ANSTI machine tests set to imitate normal recreational diving conditions. Under more extreme circumstances, the regulator did not deliver air as easily, but was still just able to keep up with demand. In the field, the regulator purges easily with both exhalation and though the purge button. However, it isn’t the driest regulator in unusual positions, as a diver will discover if she should go upside down to look under a crevasse.

The bottom line is that the Subgear Aruba is not a high-end regulator, but it does not pretend to be. The Aruba is meant as an inexpensive, reliable, easy-to-maintain regulator for use by casual, recreational divers in temperate and warm waters. As a hefty portion of divers around the world fit that description, plenty of divers will find the Aruba to be a cheap, useful piece of dive gear. However, any diver who intends to move on to more challenging dives or regularly dives in cold water should look elsewhere.

Average Price: $230