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Nauticam NA-79 Underwater Camera Housing Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Nauticam NA-79 Underwater Camera Housing Review Posted in: Over $500, Underwater Cameras

Nauticam’s NA-7D underwater housing is a mate for the Canon 7D digital camera, creating a powerful combination for serious shutterbugs to pursue photography at both land and sea. The rig is big, heavy and negatively buoyant, but that speaks to its sturdy construction, a feature that is very reassuring when one considers how expensive the camera contained within is (roughly $1,700 if you want at least one decent lens). The NA-7D has a depth rating of 100 m (328 feet). The underwater housing earned high marks from reviewers for having comfortable, solid grips and good ergonomics on its buttons and knobs. The most functional of the latter are all concentrated on the right side, so right-handers will find them handy and any type of diver should appreciate not having to switch hands to manipulate controls very often. A diver can even work the zoom knob without letting go of the handle, and changing from photography to video is as simple as pressing a button. The Nauticam NA-7D also won praise for the easy and security of its port locks and housing locks, making switching out camera hardware between dives a snap. The LCD screen is huge, which is not surprising as the Canon 7D is a high-end, 18MP camera first and a dive camera second. The bottom line on the NA-79 housing is that it suits the Canon 7D perfectly, while the camera is a powerful tool for serious photographers. The package is far more than a casual diver or photographer needs, but for a diver looking to nip at Stephen Frink’s heels, the NA-79/Canon 7D is not a bad set to work with.

Average Price (Underwater Housing): $3,000
Average Price (Canon 7D Camera with no lenses or other hardware): $1,500