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Welcome to Dive Gear Reviews, a comprehensive guide to scuba diving equipment. Scuba diving is an expensive pursuit, so looking up reviews for a particular article of equipment is a wise precaution before investing any hard-earned money in it. However, consumer reviews may or may not be written by an experienced diver, and magazine reviews could be suspect due to the advertising ties of the publication in question. Dive Gear Reviews provides cross-referenced reviews assembled by an expert, making it possible to see at a glance what multiple sources said about a particular piece of scuba equipment. If one magazine loved a scuba regulator or a dive computer, but the consumers hated it, that information will be found here.

Mares Pegasus Scuba BCD Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Mares Pegasus Scuba BCD Review Posted in: BCDs, Between $251-$500

Some divers look at the Pegasus as being a lighter, cheaper version of the Icon BCD, which is something of a misnomer since the Pegasus has some distinctive features of its own. Both BCDs are back-inflaters with 45 lbs of lift, but that is where the similarity ends. The Pegasus has the same integrated weight pockets as the Icon, capable of carrying 26 lbs (12 kg), but it does not come with the Icon’s non-ditchable tank strap weight pocket. However, that means the BCD has the same problems that come with Mares’s MRS system. Some owners report that the MRS weight pockets are not really secure when locked into place, and tend to pop out without warning. Published review sources are silent on this issue, however. Dive Gear Reviews therefore regards at the MRS system as decidedly mixed, and encourages consumers to look at the issue closely before buying a Mares BCD such as the Pegasus.

The two BCDs  have more or less the same cargo-carrying capacity, with a big roll-out mesh pocket and rings for hooking on gear. Although the Pegasus has fewer rings, few sport divers make use of every single ring on their BCD and the Pegasus isn’t what a hardcore cave or wreck diver would want in any case, so as a practical matter the difference in the number of rings is a question of convenient gear arrangement and not cargo-carrying. The two BCDs also use the same elastic waist strap in place of a cummerbund.

Where the Pegasus begins to separate from the Icon is in its hard backplate. Like the cummerbund, this is one thing that some divers just insist upon out of personal preference. The Mares Pegasus has that hard plate and the Icon does not. The Pegasus BCD also has a parachutist’s crotch strap, which prevents the BCD from riding up the torso when a diver is bobbing on the surface.

The Mares Pegasus BCD is a minimalist piece of gear for traveling divers, weighing in at about 7 1/2 lbs (3.4 kg), and folding up to occupy a minimum of space in the bag. Compared to the Icon, the Pegasus offers fewer features, but the couple of extras it does have might make it more comfortable to some divers. The major difference is the price tag, as the Pegasus typically costs about $100 less than the Icon and is therefore a prime BCD choice for traveling divers on a budget.

Average Price: $330