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Light & Motion Sola Dive 1200 Dive Light Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Light & Motion Sola Dive 1200 Dive Light Review Posted in: Dive Lights, Over $500

[Light & Motion’s Sola Dive 1200 will probably become one of the top dive lights in the industry in the near future, in spite its hefty price tag, as it combines tremendous light output and ease of use into a compact package. The dive light is mounted on the wrist, giving a diver the convenience of a point-able flashlight with the hands-free aspect of a headlamp. Weighing in at modest 10 ounces (287 gr.) and only four inches (101 mm) long, the Sola Dive 1200 is so light and compact that it might easily become an extension of the lower arm. Power is supplied by a lithium-ion battery and the unit comes with a charger, so the Sola Dive can be topped up by plugging it in between dives or overnight, with a charge time from zero of 150 minutes. The dive light has three power setting (low/medium/high) and can be set for either spotlight (for a tight, bright beam) or floodlight (for a more diffuse beam). The lumen output is 300, 600 and 1,200 for floodlight and 125, 250 and 500 for spotlight, a truly staggering amount of light for so small a piece of gear. The battery lasts for 70 minutes on the high setting, 140 minutes on medium, and 280 on low. The depth rating for the Sola Dive 1200 is 300 feet (91 m). In terms of sheer functionality, this dive light is scuba diving’s featherweight champion.

If all that capability wasn’t enough, the Light & Motion Sola Dive 1200 has some sweet extra features as well. A three-LED light indicator gives a rough indicator of the dive light’s battery charge, and turning the control switch puts the light into a travel-ready lock position. Finally, because the battery is built-in and never needs to be replaced, the dive light comes factory-sealed and therefore will probably never demand o-ring replacement.  With an armature accessory, the Sola 1200 can even be converted into a light for an underwater camera.

However, there is a downside to the Light & Motion Sola 1200. The price tag is quoted at a whopping $679, far too high for the typical recreational diver. However, serious underwater shutterbugs should take note that in buying the $90 camera tray and armature they have picked up a high quality dive light and underwater camera light in one compact package. Also, the dive light is a serious choice as either a primary or back-up for cave and wreck divers.

Average Prices: $679