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Aqua Lung Master Dive Knife Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Aqua Lung Master Dive Knife Review Posted in: Below $100, Dive Knives
Aqualung/U.S. Divers Master Dive Knife

Aqualung's Master Dive Knife

Aqualung’s Master Dive Knife is perhaps the classic underwater cutter, a knife that has appeared in countless films and remains a favorite among US Navy divers and SEALs. A big, heavy tool, this knife comes with a seven-inch blade and a flat, stainless steel butt cap which is ideal for use as an improvised hammer. The lower half of the blade is serrated while the top half has a standard edge, and the back of the blade serves as a basic ruler with notches marking off the inches down to the point. The latter feature is an important tool for identifying a real Master Dive Knife from a knock-off, because there are plenty of imitations on the market made out of inferior stainless steel and which generally these lack the inch-notching. All Aqualung Master Dive Knives come with standard pointed tips, black handles and plastic sheaths.

The Dive Master Knife is sometimes found under the label “U.S. Divers,” which is the American brand for Aqualung, so in America the dive knife might come under either brand name. That American label has led to a misunderstanding regarding the Master Dive Knife. This cutter is the knife of choice for the U.S. Divers Maritime Equipment Guide, a fact which is repeated over and over again in endorsements of the blade. The misunderstanding is that this guide is a publication of Aqualung, and not any U.S. government authority.  This website is unaware of any U.S. government agency which has specifically and formally endorsed the Master Dive Knife in recent times.

Average Price: $35