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Atomic Aquatics Split Fin (“Smoke on the Water”) Scuba Fin Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Atomic Aquatics Split Fin (“Smoke on the Water”) Scuba Fin Review Posted in: Between $101-$250, Fins

It takes some moxie to dub a fin “smoke on the water,” but the most recent installment of the Atomic Aquatics Split Fin certainly earns such a distinctive nickname. Ostensibly Atomic Aquatics named the fin that because of its coloring, but the fins are strong performers. The fins are long, wide split fins with a flexible points located before the toes. Those features combined with the solid rubber outer rails give these fins plenty of power for a minimum of effort, and with good maneuverability to boot. These are strong, smooth, stable kickers. Best of all, the fins are positively buoyant, which reduces the risk of losing them while getting back on the dive boat.

“Smoke on the Water” was Scuba Diving’s Tester’s Choice for 2007, although the fin has not been without its problems. Many purchasers of this version Atomic Aquatics Split Fin reported the fin pockets split apart after less than a year, and consumers have also made repeated reports of fragile buckles splintering or falling apart on them. However, most users loved their Smoke on the Water fins (LeisurePro users who did not report these problems gave it solid 5-Flag ratings), so these problems seem to be manufacturing defects. Late production Split Fins should not have these problems, but an early production set of fins can sit on the shelves for years. As a result Dive Gear Reviews recommends that divers only purchase the Atomic Aquatics Split Fin from an authorized dealer, so as to avoid invalidating the warranty. These fins are far too expensive to wind up with the odd lemon from the early production batches and no insurance policy.

Average Price: $200