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Cressi Start Pro Scuba BCD Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Cressi Start Pro Scuba BCD Review Posted in: BCDs, Between $251-$500

Cressi’s Start Pro is the upgrade on its Start BCD, and meant for the rental inventory of dive shops and liveaboard ships. Like most BCDs of this type, the Start Pro is a tough piece of gear, but unlike most BCDs meant for the rental gear market, it has many features more often found on higher-end BCDs.

The Start Pro has an integrated weight system which is cheap, easy to use and reliable. The system is based on vertical pockets, fastened by a buckle at the top. To dump the weights, a diver only needs to undo the buckle. Gravity and a little wiggling or shaking will do the rest. For cargo-carrying, the BCD has two huge pockets and four D-rings on the waist, as well as the usual D-rings at the end of most straps. The buoyancy system has up to 45 lbs (20.5 kg) of lift, and comes with three exhaust vents in addition to the inflator. Finally, the back is comfy and thickly padded, and comes with a built-in carrying handle. The tank strap and tank-positioning strap both follow traditional models.

It is easy to see dive students choosing Cressi’s Start Pro as their first BCD, based on their familiarity with it. In the opinion of Dive Gear Reviews, choosing this BCD is a pretty good move, as the Start Pro combines toughness, simplicity, functionality and real value. Scuba Diving named it a Best Buy for 2011.

Average Price: $330