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Sea and Sea DX-2G Underwater Camera Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Sea and Sea DX-2G Underwater Camera Review Posted in: Over $500, Underwater Cameras

Sea and Sea’s DX-2G is a purpose-built dive camera made for serious amateurs or as an entry camera for those with an interest in taking underwater photography to a more professional level. It’s a 12.1 megapixel camera, which is pretty much the standard for high-end digital cameras now. In terms of handling, the DX-2G is handy, compact and lightweight, and best of all the camera is positively buoyant, even with some silicon defogging packs inside the housing. If for some reason a diver loses control of the camera (say when climbing aboard a boat) or the lanyard comes loose, it won’t sink straight to the bottom. As is the case with most purpose-built dive cameras, the buttons are reliable and easy to manipulate. The depth rating is 180 feet (55 m).

The onboard flash of the DX-2G is actually powerful enough for use at short range, a feature few dive cameras and virtually no regular digital cameras with an aftermarket underwater housing possess, where the flash range is typically a mere two or three feet (less than 1 m). This means the zoom can be used on a limited basis with the addition of a strobe to the camera. The camera has many winning features like this which make it easy to master and suitable as a point-and-click camera for beginners. However, the DX-2G is really a more serious camera than a mere point-and-click, and has a lot of growth potential.

The Sea and Sea DX-2G is often compared to the SeaLife DC1200, and the two cameras are rather distinct. The SeaLife 1200 is a high-end point-and-click underwater camera. While it can be fitted with strobes and a wide-angle lens, it is still basically a camera for enthusiastic amateurs (albeit an outstanding camera for enthusastic amateurs). As mentioned above, the Sea and Sea DX-2G is more of an entry-level camera for serious underwater photographers. For example, the Sea and Sea has a raw-image capability and more choices for focus, aperture, strobe and other settings, which a point-and-click diver would rarely, if ever, use. The accessories for the Sea and Sea DX-2G are thought to be better too, with the strobe having a longer arm for better side lighting.

This basic point is something virtually everyone (Underwater Photography Guide, Diverwire, Scuba Diver Info) who reviewed the camera agreed upon. Many consumers familiar with both cameras (or earlier versions of both cameras) thought the same thing. The cost reinforces that point, because the Sea and Sea DX-2G typically retails for double the price of a SeaLife 1200. For the cost of a DX-2G with housing, a diver could buy the SeaLife camera with an external flash, external video light and wide angle lens!

Ergo, if you are interested in a good underwater point-and-click camera, the Sea and Sea is way too much camera for you. Go with the SeaLife DC1200 instead. However, if you intend to develop underwater photography into a serious hobby someday, then the Sea and Sea DX-2G is the camera for you and a very wise investment.

Average Price: $1000