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Cressi Lontra 7mm Scuba Wetsuit Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Cressi Lontra 7mm Scuba Wetsuit Review Posted in: Between $251-$500, Wetsuits

Cressi’s Lontra 7mm is a dedicated cold-water wetsuit of the type so well-sealed it is sometimes referred to as a semi-drysuit. A one-piece full bodysuit made from 7mm Ultraspan neoprene forms the core of the wetsuit, with a vertical water-resistant zipper up the back. The wrists are sealed with a double cuff system consisting of 2mm of Metalite fabric on the inside and 3 mm of neoprene on the outside, closed up tight by water-resistant zipper. The ankles are also closed by water-resistant zippers, and those ankle and wrist zippers are a big help in getting the snug wetsuit on and off.

The Lontra lacks a built-in hood because it is meant to be the core of a modular system. For truly frigid waters, divers are supposed to add one of Cressi’s 5mm jackets with a built-in hood. With the jacket, the suit provides 13mm of neoprene around the torso, making it suitable for temperatures as low as the lower 50s F (10 C). However, the Lontra is usually bundled with a hood with an air-release valve at the top. Rounding out the Lontra’s features are a hood ring (for clipping the hood onto the suit) and reinforcing pads on the shoulders and knees. Scuba Diving gave the Lontra high marks, as did Dive, although the latter magazine complained that the ankle zippers chafe at times. The male suit is black with blue trim, and the female suit is black with red trim.

Average Price: $325