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Scubapro Litehawk Scuba BCD Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Scubapro Litehawk Scuba BCD Review Posted in: BCDs, Between $251-$500

The Litehawk is Scubapro’s main travel BCD, and it has many features in common with Scubapro’s back-inflating BCDs. One way to look at it is as a stripped-down version of the Knighthawk. After all, the Litehawk has the same 1000-denier nylon construction as the Knighthawk and most of Scubapro’s other BCDs, making it much tougher than virtually any other travel BCD on the market. It also has the familiar trio of dump valves, and a padded backpack with an interior carrying handle. It also has the typical Scubapro set of compression straps for holding the bladder in a low-profile position while inflated, and the standard Scubapro cinch-buckle tank strap.

Scubapro Litehawk BCD

Where the Litehawk differs is in cargo-carrying capacity, and in this department the Litehawk is skimpy. There aren’t many D-rings and the BCD has only two small pockets, but at least these are designed to slide along the waist to wherever you need them. Also, the Litehawk has no integrated weight system, a feature which is not uncommon for travel BCDs these days. On the plus side, however, all sizes of Litehawk have a lift capacity of 56 lbs, which is simply staggering for a travel BCD. With a lift capacity like that, you could take this BCD on some cold water dives, whereas most travel BCDs are warm water-only affairs.

The Litehawk is a pretty simple piece of gear that weighs in at around 6 lbs (2.75 kg). It is a rugged, powerful and reasonably stable BCD, but one lacking in frills. Simply put, Scubapro traded in some of the wing-dings that other manufacturers put on their BCDs to create a muscular piece of gear that could take a real beating and withstand the test of time. Scuba Diving, Divernet and DiverWire all gave the BCD high marks, and it has been a real hit with consumers.

Average Price: $360