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Cressi Frog Plus Scuba Fins Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Cressi Frog Plus Scuba Fins Review Posted in: Below $100, Fins

Cressi’s Frog Plus is another example of that Italian firm’s well-made, conventional paddle fins. As such, it is a great fin for novice divers because it produces good performance even when used by someone who doesn’t know anything about finning (as opposing to swimming), and the fins are nearly indestructible to boot. Basically, they are rugged water shovels. Cressi Frog Plus fins come in blue, black and yellow.

The fin has the standard Cressi features, such as the well-made strap buckles and the placement of the foot pocket under the blade, which creates a more uniform blade surface. The blade itself might not look like much, but it is made from a composite of stiff plastic and flexible artificial rubber that Cressi claims can be bent over on itself without cracking. The sole has a practical non-slip surface. Frog Plus fins aren’t flashy, but they combine a little give and lots of durability into the same package well enough.

A diver who has moved beyond swimming and into finning will probably think the Frog Plus is a little stiff, however. As previously stated, these fins are water shovels. They throw water back very well, but that means your other foot will hit part of that wall of water on the return. That limited flexibility gives some people ankle strain with hard kicking.

The Frog Plus is an able enough fin for beginners, and if you look around on Amazon and other internet retailers you can find it bundled with basic Cressi masks and snorkels into snorkeling kits. The price is right for new divers as well. Divernet gave it an 8 out of 10 rating and consumers speak well of the Frog Plus. Dive Gear Reviews thinks a fin like this is great for an entry-level diver, but if you are replacing an old set of fins, you should be probably looking for something more advanced.

Average Price: $90