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Tusa SF-15 X-Pert Zoom 3 Scuba Fin Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Tusa SF-15 X-Pert Zoom 3 Scuba Fin Review Posted in: Between $101-$250, Fins

An upgraded version of Tusa’s old X-Pert Zoom, the SF-15 Zoom 3 is a split-fin design featuring longer blades positioned above the foot pocket, while keeping the company’s standard 27-degree blade angling. Tusa claims the latter feature transmits all of the wearer’s muscle energy into propulsion. Monoprene side rails and beams stiffen the blades enough to keep them from separating too widely, increasing stability. In the field, the Zoom 3 fins deliver good acceleration and maneuverability with a minimum of effort, although the top speed on these fins is only slightly above average. The only real downside is the weight of the SF-15 X-Pert Zoom 3. The fins are a little hefty at 2 lbs 6 oz (1 kg), and negatively buoyant to boot.

Overall, Tusa’s Zoom 3 fins are solid all-around kickers. Dive magazine in the UK loved the fins, labeling them a “top performer – best of the bunch,” Scuba Diving gave it high marks (albeit no awards), and consumers had no real complaints. The fins come in wide range of trim colors, including black, blue, red, yellow, white and white/pink.

Average Price: $140