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Welcome to Dive Gear Reviews, a comprehensive guide to scuba diving equipment. Scuba diving is an expensive pursuit, so looking up reviews for a particular article of equipment is a wise precaution before investing any hard-earned money in it. However, consumer reviews may or may not be written by an experienced diver, and magazine reviews could be suspect due to the advertising ties of the publication in question. Dive Gear Reviews provides cross-referenced reviews assembled by an expert, making it possible to see at a glance what multiple sources said about a particular piece of scuba equipment. If one magazine loved a scuba regulator or a dive computer, but the consumers hated it, that information will be found here.

IST GP-4000 Compass+ Dive Computer Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on IST GP-4000 Compass+ Dive Computer Review Posted in: Between $251-$500, Dive Computers

IST’s GP-4000 Compass+ is a big disc-style wristwatch computer that packs a lot of features for its price tag. Users can program in three gas mixtures (up to 99% oxygen), with mid-dive gas switching capability. The unit tracks both oxygen and nitrogen loading, and has timers for dive time, no-deco time, desaturation and surface interval, and has visual and audio alarms for things like unsafe ascent rate, deco stop violations and other features. This is in addition to all the little features that are standard for most any new dive computer these days, like read outs for both current and maximum depth and temperature. The GP-4000 Compass+ also stores data for up to 60 dives, making it an impressive digital log book.

In an odd touch, IST made the altitude adjustment for the computer’s number crunching manual rather than automatic (automatic altitude adjustment is by far and away the norm for this feature).  The GP-4000 Compass+ uses a modification of the Swiss model algorithm.

One of the big pluses for this computer is its ease of use, with the much-touted compass feature popping up with the touch of a button and owners reporting that the system is very easy to navigate. However, some early owners of this computer reported negatively on the electronic compass, describing it in terms ranging from “inaccurate” to “broken.” In another negative, while the computer is capable of downloading data to your PC, this feature does not come with the basic model and must be purchased separately.

Average Price: $500