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Scubapro Nova Scotia 6.5 mm Wetsuit Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Scubapro Nova Scotia 6.5 mm Wetsuit Review Posted in: Between $251-$500, Wetsuits

The Nova Scotia is an example of a “semi-drysuit,” or a thick wetsuit that uses seals borrowed from drysuits to improve the restriction of water circulation through the suit. The suit is made mostly from 6.5 mm of neoprene, with Scubapro’s Everflex material used to make the suit panels behind the knees, under the arms and down the calves for improved flexibility and fit. The ankles and wrists are sealed by 3 mm Glideskin double seals, and the suit has a 3 mm Glideskin “turtleneck” seal. The Nova Scotia comes with a 6/3 mm hood, but the hood is not attached to the suit. Finally, the Nova Scotia suit is sealed by a dryzipper running across the shoulders.

Consumers have given the Scubapro Nova Scotia rave reviews. Technically, a 6.5 mm wetsuit should only be good for temperatures down to the mid-50s F (12 C), but owners of the Nova Scotia have reported that with undergarments, they have taken the Nova Scotia into water in the mid-40s F (7 C) and were still toasty and warm. One diver even said the seals and fit on his Nova Scotia were so good that only his legs became damp and his torso remained dry during dives, and he thought his Nova Scota was just as good as his drysuit! A loose Nova Scotia might not perform so well, but with a good fit this Scubapro wetsuit will keep you warm in very cold water.

Average Price: $300