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Waterproof W2 5mm Scuba Wetsuit Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Waterproof W2 5mm Scuba Wetsuit Review Posted in: Between $251-$500, Wetsuits

Waterproof is basically the exposure suit subsidiary of Tusa, and the W2 wetsuit line covers their cool- and cold-water wetsuits for both men and women. The W2 is a fairly straight-forward wetsuit with a few thoughtful extras tacked on. The Waterproof W2 is a back-zipper design with pre-bent arms and legs, knee and elbow pads and an interior liner. These are all fairly standard for a 5 mm wetsuit that isn’t on the cheap end.  The forearms have no-slip pads for wrist-mounted accessories like dive computers and compasses, and the collar is sealed up by a separate zipper. Consumers reported the latter feature made the suit much easier to get on and off, as well as more comfortable to wear around the dive boat before and after dives. The suit also has an extra-thick, 10 mm pad on the back for extra comfort.

In terms of keeping warm, Waterproof used microcell neoprene to make the W2, and that neoprene fabric has bubbles about 1/5 smaller than in standard neoprene, giving it superior insulating qualities. The zippers also have neoprene sleeves to help control water flow, and the wrists and ankles use a smooth-skin seal with zipper, giving the W2 an adequate sealant capacity. Sport Diver gave the suit an Editor’s Pick for 2011.

The 5 mm version of this suit comes in black and blue for men, and black and yellow for women.

Average Price: The MSRP for the Waterproof W2 5 mm wetsuit is $419, but it is usually available for less than $400 and sometimes below $300.