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Pocket Weights Dive Gear Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Pocket Weights Dive Gear Review Posted in: Below $100, Other Accessories

The Pocket Weight reviewed here is a slide-in weight with a molded handle, specifically designed to serve as the main ballast for the integrated-weight systems that are commonplace with BCDs today. The company makes an excellent point when it says that while integrated-weight BCDs have been around for 20 years, the weights used by those BCDs remain stuck in the era when “Sea Hunt was still in prime time.”

What a Pocket Weight offers is a molded weight designed to match the slightly curved waist pockets. Most integrated-weight BCDs use this format, although it is ill-suited to some integrated-weight systems, like the fold-out pockets used by the Cressi Start Pro. Although the 10lb version of the Pocket Weight is depicted, the company also offers four, five and seven-pound molded weights of the same design.  Using Pocket Weights offers divers an even distribution of weight across the pocket, easy insertion and removal, and reduced wear and tear on the fabric on the weight pocket. Pocket Weights are also more durable than shot pouches.

The downside is that Pocket Weights are less flexible than the old weight formats. Using several belt weights or shot pouches as primary ballast has the advantage of being able to add or subtract weights to fit a given environment or diving profile. Adjusting weight in this fashion with Pocket Weights means replacing the entire weight, which is only plausible if you buy a complete set of Pocket Weights. A diver can buy a pair of Pocket Weights to serve as their main ballast for their most frequent diving pattern, but he should still expect to use his old set of shot pouches or belt weights whenever their his profile changes.

Pocket Weights also sells “pillow” weights for use on belts and in trim pockets. Shot pouches and belt weights already fill that role admirably, however, and are practically interchangeable with those Pocket Weights products.

Average Price: $25 each for the 5lbs Pocket Weights inserts; $35 for the 7 lbs inserts; $50 for the 10 lbs inserts