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Oceanic Ultra 7mm Scuba Wetsuit Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Oceanic Ultra 7mm Scuba Wetsuit Review Posted in: Between $101-$250, Wetsuits

The 7mm is the thickest and warmest wetsuit in Oceanic’s Ultra line. In terms of cold water exposure suits, however, the Oceanic Ultra 7mm is far from the warmest 7mm wetsuit around. However, the suit does offer serious bang for the buck.

The Ultra 7mm uses the combination of thick and stretchy neoprene panels,┬átypical of thicker wetsuits, to balance flexibility and insulation. The male version has the stretchy fabric around the shoulders and lower back, whereas the female version arranges the flexibility around the hips and bust. It’s a back-zipper design, and has neoprene Skin-in seals around the wrists, ankle and collar. The collar has the added feature of adjustability, improving its ability to comfortably restrict the flow of water in the suit.

So far, so good, and within the standard 7mm temperature range of the mid 60s F to the mid-50s F (12 to 18 C) the Oceanic Ultra 7mm does the job. According to consumers, however, the wetsuit is not nearly as warm as tightly-sealed, semi-dry suits like the Cressi Lontra. Owners report taking those super-sealed, super-warm wetsuits into waters as cold as the mid-40s F (7 C) and coming out just fine. However, wetsuits like the Lontra also coast $75 to $125 more than Oceanic’s Ultra 7mm.

Ergo, the Ultra 7mm is a reasonably priced, workable option for a cold water wetsuit, but only within its stated parameters. If you might go colder still, spend a little more money on a different suit.

Average Price: $250