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Dive Book Review: Reef Fish Identification – Tropical Pacific

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Dive Book Review: Reef Fish Identification – Tropical Pacific Posted in: Below $100, Book and Film Reviews, Other Accessories

The popular book Reef Fish Identification – Tropical Pacific, is now available in a wide variety of electronic formats, making it perfect for traveling divers. Books take up space and weight in a luggage allowance that is already pushed to the limits by dive gear, but most people take a laptop, tablet or smart phone with them on vacation, and that is where the eBook version of Reef Fish Identification comes into play. The book is available in Blio (which means the Amazon link is for the print version only), which is compatible with Apple gadgets, Android-driven gadgets, and Windows-driven computers.

As for the book itself, Reef Fish Identification sports more than 2,500 color pictures of over 2,000 different fish species, all organized into 20 handy identification groups. Divers who frequent the tropical Pacific (places like Hawaii or the Cook Islands) will definitely want a book like this, print or electronic, to reference unfamiliar fish species.

Average Price: $30