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XS Scuba Surface Marker Buoy Rescue Kit Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on XS Scuba Surface Marker Buoy Rescue Kit Review Posted in: Below $100, Other Accessories

Ever since the film Open Water premiered, surfacing to find yourself all alone in the deep blue sea has become every diver’s nightmare. Despite that persistent dread, few divers bother to buy their own safety sausage, which is silly when you think about it. A safety sausage is cheap, easy to use and clips unobtrusively enough onto almost any BCD. The idea of the XS Scuba’s rescue kit takes the notion a full step further.

Yet a safety sausage really only works if a boat is within easy visual range and someone on-board is looking in your direction, since the only thing the marker really does is make it easier to spot you. The rescue kit adds all the tools to reach out to boats beyond that range. Two of these tools, the handheld mirror and the whistle, are classics for lost hikers. The screech of a whistle goes farther than even the loudest shout, while reflected light from a mirror travels for several miles. The kit also includes a compass (in case you need to swim back to shore) and a plastic chem-light stick, which can be attached to the safety sausage at night. The final thought is a clip-on tether strap, so buddies can stay together with no extra effort.

One of the best parts of this kit is how convenient it is to carry. The components can either be broken down and clipped on or pocketed in the BCD, or they can be kept in the mesh bag that comes with the kit and clipped on as a group.

Many scoff at the idea of carrying so much safety gear, but when you need this stuff, you really need it. The XS Scuba Surface Marker Buoy Rescue Kit is the sort of item independent divers and divemasters in particular should think about carrying as a standard part of their scuba kits.

Average Price: $92