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Ocean Quest EZ Spring Fin Strap

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Ocean Quest EZ Spring Fin Strap Posted in: Below $100, Fins, Other Accessories

One of the simplest and most direct ways to upgrade your open-heeled fins is by replacing the rubber straps with metal spring straps. Instead of having to unbuckle the straps in the water to take the fins off, an awkward task even under the best of circumstances, to remove spring straps all you need to do are pull them back and under your heel. They are also easier to put on, requiring none of the (admittedly minor) hassles of locking up the buckles and adjusting the straps to fit.

The problem is that name brand steel spring straps, made by the same manufacturer as your name brand fins, are usually expensive, so much that they cost deters anyone on a budget. That is where a generic steel spring, such as the EZ Spring Fin Strap from Ocean Quest, comes in. The EZ Spring Fin Strap fits most fins, excluding old fashioned  metal buckles, all fins from Atomic Aquatics (which always come with steel spring straps anyway), Dive Rite and ScubaPro, and some fins from Cressi and Mares. The EZ Spring Strap is therefore not for everyone, but plenty of divers still have a matching set of fins.

The EZ Spring Fin Strap has met with a very strong response from consumers. Everyone commenter we found who uses these straps report that they are easy to install, and once installed the straps greatly simplify donning and doffing their open-heeled fins. They also keep the fin firm and snug on the foot once in place. Overall, owners loved the upgrade the spring strap gave them, and thought the straps were well-made.

Average Price: $20