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Suunto D9tx Dive Computer Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Suunto D9tx Dive Computer Review Posted in: Dive Computers, Over $500

The D9tx is the most recent evolution of Suunto’s top-end dive computer. Billed as the world’s first tri-mix wristwatch dive computer, the D9tx is everything one might expect from a premium Suunto data cruncher.

Using Suunto’s fairly liberal Technical RGBM algorithim, the D9tx can handle up to eight gas mixtures, maxing out at 92% helium. That algorithim can be dialed up or down to fit the safety standards of the diver. The watch has a four-button control system and features four display modes: watch, air, mixed and gauge. A feature that improves on Suunto’s previous big tec dive computer, the HelO2, is the tilt-compensated digital compass. The computer has backlighting and a reasonable dot matrix display and a complete set of wing-dings, such as thermometer, low power warning display, audible alarms, safety stops, and digital dive planning tools.  Air integration (including the wireless transmitter) is optional.

On the plus side, the Suunto D9tx offers everything a tec diver could ever want out of their computer. The D9tx is clearly optimized for demanding tec dive use, and with a depth rating of 200 m (660 feet), it can go on just about any dive that isn’t about setting new records. It met with rave reviews, with Scuba Diving calling it “the Ferarri of dive computers” and Diver giving it a 2011 Product of the Year award.

That said, the Suunto D9tx is extremely expensive. If you are a hardcore tec diver, all that expense is worth it. If you are a moderate tec diver or a recreational diver with zero or moderate interest in tec diving, the D9tx is more computer than you need and the price tag is very prohibitive.

Average Price: $1,995