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Spyderco Warrior Dive Knife Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Spyderco Warrior Dive Knife Review Posted in: Between $101-$250, Dive Knives

As the name might imply, the Spyderco Warrior is designed as a tactical fighting knife, but in reality the blade is so general purpose that it can function as a knife for hunters, backpackers and divers. If you are an enthusiastic, multi-sport outdoorsman, then this is the blade for you.

The FRN handle with textured scales and full-tang design ensure a firm, solid grip. The curved blade is 5.5 inches long, with a standard edge on the outside of the curve and a serrated edge on the inside, and is made of Spyderco’s H-1 stainless steel. This steel is 100% rust-proof, but tough enough to withstand serious abuse and firm enough to retain a razor sharp edge.

The overall length on a Warrior is 10 inches, so it is not a compact dive knife. Instead, it falls into the category of “hardware tool,” much as the Cressi Orca, except that you can’t really use the Warrior’s butt as a hammer. That lack of a blunt metal pommel or the size may turn off some divers, so it is important to remember what the main virtue of the Sypderco Warrior is: it’s all-in-one nature. This is the knife you use on the boat, for fishing, for camping… for just about anything. It’s the right size, it’s tough, it requires infrequent attention (if it isn’t actually used), and it looks like a mean blade. Scuba Diving and Knife Hog both loved it, and owners of the Warrior give it rave reviews.

Average Price: $200 (a more expensive Warrior Black is also available)