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Best Dive Knives

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Dive Knife For most recreational divers, a knife is just an accessory, since the odds of such a diver needing to cut fishing line (or anything else) are minimal. Carrying a knife is a nice safety hedge, but in almost invariably such divers never need to pull the knife from its sheath. In this circumstance, the best dive knives are of the small and unobtrusive variety.

Divers who need to do real work underwater, however, need something with more heft. Many big knives are designed as de facto underwater multi-tools, doubling as pry bars and hammers as the need arises. If you need a heavy tool like that, you need it, but most divers don’t.

The final criteria for judging the Top 5 dive knives is maintenance. Basic stainless steel rusts if it comes into regular contact with salt water and isn’t cleaned and oiled. If you actually use your knife, then how well it holds an edge, and therefore how often you must sharpen it, comes into play. The bottom line is that since a knife is a safety back-up for most divers, most divers want a knife that is compact and low maintenance.

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Top 5 Dive Knives

1. Promate Diving and Snorkeling Titanium: This Promate blade garnered a lot of attention because of its appearance on Man vs. Wild (Ultimate Survival in the UK). It is a mid-sized knife with the complete set of frills: standard edge, serrated edge, line cutter notch and pommel knob for lanyards and hammering. The titanium construction makes it tough, enables it to hold an edge well, and guarantees corrosion-resistance. The real reason why this is the best dive knife around, however, is the cost. You’ll be hard pressed to find a new titanium knife for a mere $60. *

2. Mares Force Bat Titanium: The Bat Titanium is the folding dive knife on this list, and it beat out the Spyderco Atlantic/Pacific Salt for two reasons. First, the Spyderco cutters are either standard or serrated, not both. The Bat Titanium is. Second, this Mares knife comes with a tether for more storage options. The Mares is also made of titanium, whereas the Spyderco knives are H-1 stainless steel. Both are equally rust-proof, but titanium is harder. As for why this is #2 and not #1, folding knives aren’t quite as durable as a knife with a full tang (i.e. the metal spine of the blade extends into the handle). *

 3. Oceanic Scorpion: The Oceanic Scorpion is the cheap choice for the Top 5 dive knives. In a modest $30 package, it offers a simple knife with all the frills: standard edge, serrated edge, line-cutting notch and a hammer stud on the pommel. The only drawback is the plain stainless steel construction, so it will require cleaning and oiling to keep the rust away. *

4. Cressi Orca: This is the winner in the hefty tool category. It is big, has a pommel that was actually meant for hammering, and comes with a standard edge on one side and a serrated edge on the other. Some will consider it heresy that the Orca beats out the Aqua Lung Master in this category, but the problem with the Master is all the inferior copies parading around under the same name. If you buy an Orca, you know you are getting a quality dive tool and not some knocked-off piece of crap. *

5. XS Scuba Beta Titanium: This mid-sized blade has all the frills, plus solid titanium construction. It is just a magnificent performer, and its only drawback is the relatively hefty price tag. *

* Entry carried over from 2012