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Tusa FF-19 X-Pert Evolution Scuba Fins

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Tusa FF-19 X-Pert Evolution Scuba Fins Posted in: Below $100, Fins

Tusa’s FF-19 Evolution fins offer an interesting package for divers shopping for gear in the bargain basement. What makes the fins so interesting is that they are split fins, even today a somewhat exotic creature in diving, yet at the same time they are very cheap.

The FF-19 X-Pert Evolution is pretty basic as split fins go. They are full-foot instead of open-heel fins, which probably contributes to the low price tag. The FF-19s use Tusa’s angled design approach, and have stiffening rims to partially negate the floppiness that sometimes poses a problem for the split fin design. Other than that, there isn’t much to fins themselves.

The staggering part is the price tag. Tusa set the recommended price of the FF-19s at $56, and they often retail for under $50. That puts them in the same price category as crappy, generic paddle fins! Scuba Diving was so wow’ed by these fins and their low, low price tag that they gave it both a Best Buy and a Tester’s Choice for 2012. It should be pointed out that double whammy from Scuba Diving isn’t quite as meaningful in this instance as it sometimes is, because of the way the magazine parses its categories. Just how many new full-foot, split fins are there this year? Even so, the Tusa FF-19 X-Pert Evolution is the fin to choose if you are looking for a split fin and working on a tight budget.

Average Price: $50