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Liquidvision Kaon Dive Computer Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Liquidvision Kaon Dive Computer Review Posted in: Dive Computers, Over $500

You might never have heard of Liquidvision, but the Canadian company has made quite a splash in dive computing, as its product line has never relied on old fashioned black and white dot matrix displays. Liquidvision has been in color from the start, and the wristwatch-style Kaon is the latest evolution in their product line.

Two main features set the Kaon apart from other dive computers. The display is full-color OLED screen, and with those glowing color letters and numbers, there is no need for backlighting in dark places. The Kaon is also a button-less computer, using tap-controls instead.

The Kaon is also quite compact, and rated for 660 feet (200 m), and has an intuitive menu-and-navigation organization to go with the finger-tap controls. Modes include Rec, Tec and Gauge, and the computer can store three gas mixes. The battery is replaceable rather than rechargeable, but no tools are needed, and the Kaon was designed to make the battery swap easier and more reliable than is usually the case for so many dive computer designs.

Some owners have reported that the Kaon’s tap sensitivity is a problem once the computer is on dry land, stating they can’t turn the computer on without dunking it in water. Liquidvision states this is a software problem and they are working on fixing the bug. While that is a drawback, it should be noted that no bugs with the tap-control system have been reported once the unit is in the water and in use.

Average Price: The Liquidvision Kaon is listed at C$825. Remember that under current exchange rates, the Canadian dollar is actually stronger than the U.S. dollar, so that comes to about $840 in American currency.