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Ikelite 6242 Underwater Houseing for Canon Powershot S110 Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Ikelite 6242 Underwater Houseing for Canon Powershot S110 Review Posted in: Between $251-$500, Underwater Cameras

Almost all divers want to take pictures to remind them of their underwater adventures, and would-be underwater photographers generally fall into two categories: the scuba version of the average joe, who wants a point-and-shoot (POS) camera for underwater use; and the hardcore shutterbug or gadget-lover who wants a professional quality camera, tricked out with doo-dads.

The POS group’s first solution to their problem is to reach for aftermarket underwater housings, converting an existing POS digital camera into a dive-ready piece of equipment, and that is where Ikelite comes in. The Ikelite 6242 takes the popular Cannon S110 and turns it into a dive camera as good or better as most of the purpose-built dive cameras on the market. The housing is simple — it’s tough, clear plastic with a big o-ring seal and a hefty locking mechanism, rated for 200 feet (60 m). Because it is from Ikelite, it is compatible with a range of Ikelite accessories, from wide angle lenses to photostrobes. Stuff from Ikelite routinely gets high marks from reviewers and customers alike, so you can count on high quality.

The problem here is the price tag: the Ikelite housing for the Canon S110 is listed at $325. The cheapie end of the purpose built camera line is priced underneath the housing alone (Sealife Reefmaster II and especially the Intova CP9), while the better examples of purpose-built POS dive cameras (Sealife DC1400 and Intova IC14) are less expensive than the housing plus the camera.

Buying an Ikelite underwater housing for a Canon S110 only makes sense if you already own the camera, not if you are starting out from scratch and shopping for the complete package. In that circumstance, getting the solid Ikelite 6242 is a sensible option. There are cheaper aftermarket housings out there, but do you really want to put your digital camera into a cheap housing that might spring a leak?

Average Price: $325