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Intova Sport 10K Underwater Camera Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Intova Sport 10K Underwater Camera Review Posted in: Below $100, Underwater Cameras

Intova is well-known for it’s inexpensive underwater cameras, often providing the budget alternative in each category of dive camera. For a long time, the cheap, no-frills end of the Intova line was their CP series of camera, the latest being the CP-9. Now that line is joined by the Sport 10K, which although just as cheap or even cheaper, has a few frills to call its own.

The Sport 10K’s underwater housing is a familiar one, a clear plastic rig with spring-loaded buttons and rated for 140 feet (40 m). The camera is an improvement over the CP-9 in some respects, for while it has only basic point-and-click features for photos and video, it takes a step up in terms of resolution from 9 megapixels to 10 megapixels. However, the camera has one thing that makes it special — it is waterproof in and of itself, and rated for 10 feet (3 m). You can take the camera surface snorkeling or into the pool without the housing, and never need to worry that an some jerk on the dive boat or an errant wave will ruin your camera by dousing it with water. The waterproofing might even allow the camera to survive a leak during a dive.

As an underwater camera, the Sport 10K has the usual drawbacks for a cheap Intova underwater camera: you need to seat the camera in the housing just right, or the buttons won’t line up; and the camera uses two AAA batteries and is a major power hog, with barely enough juice to get through one dive of continuous use on a fresh set of batteries. However, Intova has made a major step forward in waterproofing the camera, thereby increasing its basic durability. That plus the step up to 10 megapixels make the Sport 10K a very good choice for divers who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a dive camera.

Average Price: $90