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Dive Movie Review: Dark Tide

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Dive Movie Review: Dark Tide Posted in: Below $100, Book and Film Reviews

In Dark Tide, Halle Berry plays a shark expert in South Africa’s False Bay, one who makes a habit of free-diving with great whites in open water. One expedition with her business partner and her underwater photographer husband, played by Olivier Martinez, goes horribly wrong, and her partner is attacked and eaten by a great white. Berry’s tour business goes into the crapper as she refuses to go near shark diving for a year, until her estranged husband comes along with a wealthy, thrill-seeking Briton and his son. The rich Briton wants to swim with great whites in open water too, and so the charter embarks on a trip destined for catastrophe.

Unfortunately, Dark Tide continues a modern trend for bad dive flicks. It also continues to career arcs for both Berry and Martinez. Let’s face it: it’s been more than a decade since Halle Berry notched a decent film on her resume that wasn’t an X-Man movie; while the only watchable film Martinez has ever appeared in was Unfaithful, and he wasn’t any part of that film’s success. As a straight drama, Dark Tide is a two-star movie at best.

As a dive movie, Dark Tide comes off slightly better. The location shooting at False Bay is as good as anything one is likely to see on a Discovery Channel Shark Week documentary, and if some of the underwater sequences are obviously “enhanced” with CGI, it’s still decent-looking footage. However, it can’t get past the contrived stinker of a story, so give this one a pass.