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Diving Bali: The Underwater Jewel of Southeast Asia Book Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Diving Bali: The Underwater Jewel of Southeast Asia Book Review Posted in: Below $100, Book and Film Reviews

The total bill for a dive vacation in Bali will run in the four digits, even on a backpacker’s budget, so why not go with a clear idea of what to expect by purchasing a dive guide. Some prefer to go by the seat of their pants, but books of this type stimulate and excite before the trip, provide a picture of what’s on offer to help organize the trip, and serve as a ready reference during the trip itself. After spending so much money, buying a dive guide is a no-brainer, so the real question isn’t whether to buy one, but which, and that is where Diving Bali comes in.

Diving Bali pairs professional dive writer and editor David Pickell with Indonesian dive pioneer Wally Siagian to produce a high quality work. The book is packed with vivid pictures and high quality maps, and the descriptions of the dive sites and what one might expect to find on them are lovingly detailed. At the time of publication, everyone who reviewed the book on Amazon.com gave it a 5-star rating, and that unanimity is a true rarity. If you need a dive guide of Bali, this book is a strong contender.

Average Price: $25 print, $14 e-book