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Aqua Lung Stratos Scuba Fins Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Aqua Lung Stratos Scuba Fins Review Posted in: Below $100, Fins

This offering from Aqua Lung is their new entry-level, paddle fin design. For something supposedly so pedestrian, it’s a pretty sleek-looking number. Basically it’s an open-heel paddle, and the only bell or whistle is the blade, which has a good balance between stiffness and flexibility. Scuba Diving gave it a Best Buy for 2013, and owners say it’s a fine water shovel, but nothing fancy.

Given that this is a humble pair of paddles that don’t claim to have the latest in advanced design, solid water pushing is about all one can ask. For that, the Stratos delivers. For Aqua Lung fins, the price is right too.

Average Price:$70