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Body Glove Power Paddle Gloves Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Body Glove Power Paddle Gloves Review Posted in: Below $100, Other Accessories

Orthodox scuba techniques teach divers to not use their arms for swimming, instead instructing them to keep their arms tucked away unless needed for something other than propulsion. Ostensibly this is because the hands are very inefficient water shovels, so the increase in drag and energy/air consumption more than cancels out any benefit in speed, assuming their is any benefit. Even for maneuvering, the hands aren’t that efficient.

But what if the hands were given the surface area to become better water shovels? That is the idea behind paddle gloves, and one of the classics is the Body Glove Power Paddle Glove. Originally designed for use in the pool, so lap swimmers can bring their arms into the workout, paddle gloves like the Power Paddle are catching on with snorkelers and divers.

While some owners aren’t sold on whether they improve acceleration or top speed under water, most agree the gloves are useful for fine maneuvers. The downside of Body Glove’s Power Paddle is that it reduces manual dexterity, so a diver shouldn’t wear this particular set of gloves and then expect to be able to use tools or operate a camera as easily.

Average Price: $18