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Gear Keeper RT5-5901Retractor Snap Dive Gear Review

Written by Dive Gear Reviews Editor. Comments Off on Gear Keeper RT5-5901Retractor Snap Dive Gear Review Posted in: Below $100, Other Accessories

The Gear Keeper Retractor Snap is the kind of useful, inexpensive little accessory that almost never appears in flashy scuba diving magazines. The “retractor” part of the snap refers to the tough, auto-retracting nylon line, which allows you to pull out a chosen piece of gear for easy handling without having to unhook it. Take your dive camera: hook it on, pull out some line, and swing it around as you need to. You can even just let go of your camera on the spot if you suddenly need both hands without fear of losing it, because it is clipped on and tethered. In a pinch, the retractor snap can even be used to tether you to a line.

Simply put, this piece of gear is so cheap and so useful that if you have a big dive light (the kind you can’t put in a pocket) and/or a dive camera, you ought to have one.

Average Price: $13