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Pinnacle Inferno V-Skin Wetsuit Review

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Here is an idea: thermal protection for divers without adding the buoyancy from all those gas bubbles trapped in neoprene. Despite the nomenclature used above, that is what the Pinnacle Inferno V-Skin offers, and it therefore is not a wetsuit.

Think of this as a high-tech suit of tights for wetwear. It’s a laminate of a tri-lam base layer, merino wool and fleece in the middle, and Lycra outside. Thumb and foot loops help secure the tights (and presumably help a diver wriggle into it).

Outside the box ideas take a while to catch on, and some never do, but it should be easy to see the appeal of this suit. Recall that the reason divers wear neoprene wetsuits isn’t for buoyancy, but for thermal protection. Freedivers and anyone who wants to get a real grip on fine-tuning their neutral buoyancy should gladly seize the opportunity offered by the Pinnacle Inferno V-Skin. The same thinking make it a natural item for anyone looking to wear extra thermal protection under their neoprene.

It isn’t cheap, but new stuff in scuba diving rarely is. Look for the price to fall in the next year or two.

Average Price: $300